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karim  +   1124d ago
Good to know players also noticed the biasness towards Spanish players..It's a joke
SadeckJaffal  +   1123d ago
well of course he need a new one , he want to be one of the best players !!! ( FIFPro World XI )
SadeckJaffal  +   1123d ago
hahaha lol nice one cole
crazyturkey  +   1123d ago
Lol did anyone expect something else. This has been going on for a long time, La Liga advertises itself as the league of super stars. Like I've said many times before I don't see the point of this award, when only one player can win it, yet the sport is a "team sport". Hell, I don't even know what the requirements to be nominated are. If its just goals scored then this should be best goal scorer award only. I don't know if i'm right, but I think the only non forward to win it recently has been Canavaro. To me it seems unfair to goal keepers, defenders and midfielders. If you go by team awards then most of those players would not be nominated. Barca didn't win anything important last season yet their players are nominated. Chelsea won the CL and not one player gets nominated.
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karim  +   1123d ago
Well said, those "awards" are so biased it's a joke..The people who vote ONLY look at stats, I mean compare Didier Drogba and Messi's stats, Messi is far superior but Drogba was the decisive one for his team and made them win more trophies..
MYSTERIO360  +   1123d ago
Even though im not a Chelsea fan i would have to agree with you on that. Drogba was more influential for his club and fairly so for his country during the African cup of nations then Messi was. But more defenders, goalkeepers and midfielders need to be recognized for their efforts to. Fifa really need to change their nomination system to make it more fair.
Nes_Daze  +   1123d ago
Cole is one hell of a player, like I said before, that Xi's defense could've been changed quite a bit, except for Casillas.
RGB  +   1123d ago
I agree with your other comment!

GK: Casillas
Defenders: Debatable but for me Ramos and Marcelo deserved their positions.
Midfield: Best 3.
Forwards: Best 3.
goku32359  +   1123d ago
I agree. Casillas and Ramos deserve their spots, but I feel Ashley Cole should have been in. Definitely not Pique...
asmith2306  +   1123d ago
Cole isn't as good left back as georgio chiellini, in fact the whole back line could have been made from juves squad.
RGB  +   1123d ago
Bitter Cole is bitter! Winning trophies with anti-football shouldn't be rewarded! His league form was hilarious and defending in the last 3 Champion League games is hilarious also!
karim  +   1123d ago
Do you even understand what is football? He's not even bitter, he was having some banter with his friend
karim  +   1123d ago
..and by saying his league form and his last 3 CL performances were horrible, it proves how you have no idea what football is..Gave his all in the CL (Hello, all the goal-line clearances?), defending was terrific except in that moment when Muller beat him and scored..Chelsea didn't give a crap in the league, they were purely focused on the CL and I can't recall his "hilarious" performances apart when Valencia tore him apart..
RGB  +   1123d ago
Sorry but playing anti-football, not going out to win but to sit back and hope for the best is proof of a poor side. This obviously shows now with Chelsea being dumped out of the Champions League, first winner to be dumped in the group stage ever, embarrassing! Biggest defeat in UEFA Super Cup in nearly 2 decades, embarrassing! Failing hard at the FIFA World Club Cup and sitting at least 11 points behind Man United. You've got Europa League, League Cup and The FA Cup to only sing about... European Champions, laughable!

Cole had a couple of good games... that makes him the best LB in the world... sorry just no, he was below average for 90% of the season, all of Chelsea were besides a hand full of games and playing anti-football to win something is terrible.

When Chelsea win a league against a team anywhere near Barca's quality (never happening) and win it by 9 pts, then Chelsea have the right to be in a World XI, until then the result was right.
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karim  +   1123d ago
Apart from the Barcelona games and against Bayern (hardly), mind telling me where we played anti football? And mind telling me where and in which games Cole was poor?
RGB  +   1123d ago
Selective reading, 'playing anti-football to win something is terrible'. Winning the Champions League by playing anti-football over 3 games and then being dumped out in the group stage says it all.

Cole and Marcelo stats are pretty even. Cole played for a team that could only win against big sides by playing terrible football. Marcelo played for a team that beat big sides by actually playing attractive football.

FIFA/FIFPro voted Marcelo ahead of Cole, deal with it.

FYI - Chelsea last season - W 34 - D 14 - L 13
Real Madrid - W 45 - D 7 - L 5

Chelsea played more games, Cole played his part.
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krazykombatant  +   1123d ago
lol playing anti-football, hahaha did you become a barca fan when I wasn't looking.
Mr Patriot   1123d ago | Offensive
Dungus  +   1123d ago
If you're in it for the personal awards, you're doing it wrong.
p_bateman  +   1123d ago
Spain won the euro's so I can see why there are many spanish players in the team.

Cole is a decent left back but the tag of best left back in the world he had always made me laught spanish players are technically superior and it might take years for our british players to reach there level.

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