Cristiano Ronaldo: At this point, I think I'm better than Messi

Ronaldo states that he thinks he is better than Messi, however, the comparison is difficult to make due to the fact that they are both different types of players.

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Corepred41711d ago

Ronaldo why'd you do that for. Like the confidence but let us fans argue over that crap. Now you're a target, even bigger. I'm sure he knew that though. Maybe he wants the pressure?

Corepred41711d ago

Really? That's his reaction? Cause it looks like a girl in a dress. Lol

doncorleone1711d ago

Like he said,that pressure might be the factor that drives him to win titles...

momthemeatloaf1710d ago

The only pressure Ronaldo has is when Marcelo is laying on him in bed.

FootballZilla1711d ago

like he said its what he thinks.. you cant argue against what he thinks

krazykombatant1711d ago

I think if he had scored in the champions game against bayern and then he could have had a good argument, hell even if he missed and the team got to the final he would have gotten a good argument.

I think the ballon d'or looks up for grabs but messi will probably get it once again just because.

FootballZilla1711d ago

he scored two vs bayern :/

doncorleone1711d ago

They make him look arrogant but seeing the interview He says that while laughing.

Nes_Daze1711d ago

He was very humble about it, in a way. It was a pretty good interview, of course he's going to think he's better, who would'nt say so if you were constantly compared to Messi?

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Anderson81711d ago

as good as messi has been this season i dont see how he can win the ballon d'or with his team being trophyless

MYSTERIO3601710d ago

not really they did win the spanish supercup, fifa club world cup and possibly the copa del rey to play for. Messi is better than ronaldo who has only won one and has scoring a grand total of 50 goals this season more than any player

Anderson81708d ago

i dont dispute that he's the better player or at least has been better this season but the ballon d'or normally goes to whoever can win the champions league otherwise ronaldo would have got it last season seeing as he scored more

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