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Hazard admits to Chelsea temptation as he refuses to commit his future

The Belgium international stated that he is still assessing his options as the prospect of joining the London club looks appealing after they claimed the Champions League.

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Manchester_UNITED2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

That's just wrong :O. Come to Manutd my fellow countryman.

buddymagoo2131d ago

Money obviously motivates him and I can't see him coming to United.

Sir Alex has the best man management skills around and one of the best coaches ever and if Hazard doesn't want that then he could only want money.

Mozilla892130d ago

I'm pretty sure he's going to go to City. Wasn't he searching for houses in Manchester or something?

silvacrest2130d ago

your not being realistic, its not hard to believe quality players want to play for top english teams other then manu without being paid the earth, winning major trophies help too

Gamer19822130d ago

your insane buddymagoo if he doesnt come united he only wants money? Stupid logic. Read the news this morning City have demanded he lower his wage demands or they won't sign him. So much for that theory. Also we are champions of England he would come to us for that reason you won what cup again last season?

buddymagoo2130d ago

One league trophy and you lot think you have made it, lol. It must be hard winning the league after 44 years then to be overshadowed by Chelsea winning the Champions League.

We'll be back, we always are!

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PaPa-Slam2130d ago

I'm not sure but i think i recently read a rumor that he was indeed looking for a house in Manchester, maybe that rumor was true and he moving either to 'City or United'.

Gamer19822130d ago

Agreed this guy is starting to get on everybodys nerves now and eventually clubs will get sick of it and tell him to shove off.

MYSTERIO3602130d ago

Ill be honest and say that it looks more likely that he will either join chelsea or city based on their current success. But if he did go to either club he would be benched most of the time than if he went to utd, they are in dire need of an attacking midfielder