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Villas-Boas refuses to be rushed over Liverpool job

Andre Villas-Boas wants a "project" to re-enter football for, but will require a detailed knowledge of the terms and demands attached to the new Liverpool manager's job before committing to the club.

Villas-Boas is emerging as a prime contender for the position vacated by the dismissal of Kenny Dalglish last week, with a meeting this week to involve him, his agent Carlos Goncalves and Liverpool's owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG). But despite his interest in Liverpool and theirs in him – revealed by The Independent last Thursday - Villas-Boas will not be rushed.

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freeduck2190d ago

Liverpool is the right project for him.

Forget Chelsea, this man knows what he's doing.

NewMonday2190d ago

what is wrong with the media? at least wait till after the interview with FSG, if they see eye to eye great, if they don't it saves everyone time.

at least the targets are all good candidates

Blackdeath_6632190d ago

i wish he takes the job and takes sweet revenge on chelsea.

silvacrest2190d ago

the only way he could achieve revenge is by winning the league/champions league and FA cup (two out of three would just make him even)

and liverpool cant win the champions league next season for obvious reasons

Kaneda2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

After he left.. they won CL trophy! Team was struggling to win league match when he was the coach...

Gamer19822189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

With half the team the wrong side of 30 i'm not surprised he struggled to be fair. He was the wrong man for the job at chelsea though he is a tactician and should have never had that kind of control. The players took over and the losses crept in.

PaPa-Slam2190d ago

Agreed with Freeduck, though i think there are better candidates for Liverpool to consider, but he is still a good choice for them.

I personally think he should just take the Job while it's there.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y2190d ago

No way, Liverpool dont need his bull tactics he is rubbish. Yea he won the Primeira Liga with Porto undefeated but in my eyes i can see him doing more bad than good for Liverpool. All i can say is look at Chelsea's season with and without him.

mcstorm2190d ago

I think he will be a good signing for liverpool as to me chesea where trying to force him to pushing the old players out which no manager would of been able to do as they are cheseas back bone.
If he gets the liverpool job he wont be forced to do that and he can build a tea around a squad Liverpool already have.

silvacrest2190d ago

didn't kenny already try that? and blow liverpools transfer budget too? i doubt AVB would get a similar amount to spend

mcstorm2189d ago

Kenny tried to do this but brought in the wrong players but Liverpool play a different type of football to Chelsea and I think AVB will fit in well with this style.

Even though Im a United fan ide like to see Liverpool up there with us and City going for the league as its more exciting than going against the London clubs because of how close we are to each other in the country.

Im sure Liverpool will pick the right man this time but I do think it will be 2 or 3 seasons before Liverpool are back in the top 4.

krazykombatant2190d ago

The only reason they just he couldn't succeed at chelsea was because he didn't have the support of the more experience players... i.e every in the team.

Liverpool has decent amounts of cash and its in the perfect place for him to bring them back to their former glory.

kulka2190d ago

I don't think his tactics are right for England. Maybe if he gets a chance to build a team 2 or 3 years might be enough.

Mozilla892190d ago

It'll be interesting to see how his style translates to the EPL. Liverpool are probably better equipped to carry out his tendency of having the team press high up the pitch.

If it works Liverpool will be a really fun team to watch. If it doesn't...well you can see what happened to Chelsea in the first half of the season.

FootballZilla2190d ago

AVB is a great tactical manager but he needs to have time if liverpool has to give him at least two years..

silvacrest2190d ago

he wont get two years, look at kenny

PaPa-Slam2189d ago

I agree, they must give him enough time to use his tactics, but i judging by the history i doubt they will give him a 2 years or more contract.