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Drogba to leave Chelsea

Didier Drogba has revealed he intends to leave UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea, according to reports in France.

The 34-year-old, who scored a late equaliser and the decisive penalty in the shoot-out win over Bayern Munich on Saturday, is reported to have told team-mates his decision during Sunday's trophy parade.

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Mozilla892221d ago

I'm gonna miss seeing him play and he'll forever be a legend at CFC but this is the right move.

He wants to be the first choice striker but tends to be inconsistent as he can't turn it on every game because of his age.

It's best that he go off to collect his massive pay checks in China on the high of securing a Champions League and FA Cup double and leave his legacy at Chelsea untarnished.

theEx1Le2221d ago

I don't really think its just his age, I think when he played after contracting malaria and then the subsequent spell out of action the real drogba never came back. You see it in glimpses but never consistent enough to warrent always playing him, which is a shame because he is one hell of a player on his day.

Gamer19822221d ago

He wants a fat contract still and chelsea wont give because Torres going to be main striker next year again. Abramovich wasted a lot on Torres and it seems he doesn't want to waste any more by paying Drogba to sit around in case he doesn't work out.

ProjectVulcan2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Drogba wanted a 2 year i think and Chelsea would not give it to him.

I think to be truthful that this is the right decision in the long run. Drogba leaves on the highest possible note, forever a Chelsea legend.

It raises his stock to the highest level at his age, he can get a really big fat contract somewhere and wind down his career with less pressure on his head.

Chelsea are forced into finally revamping their frontline, and finding out whether Torres can really carry it. Sooner rather than later this HAD to happen for Chelsea, so they may as well find out now what they need to do because you can't really follow the european cup next season anyways can ya...

kulka2221d ago

So this means Torress is staying at Chelsea. I wonder who will Chelsea get as a replacment. I don't think they trust Torress enough to leave him as the main man for next season.

silvacrest2221d ago

i agree that torres will stay if drogba is going, but i think he needs a fellow striker with him, i dont think kalou or maloda are good enough to be honest and may be leaving anyway, im not sure about sturidge, hes got quality but is greedy

Kur02221d ago

need a good winger who can cross.

goku323592221d ago

@ Kur0
And hopefully a good winger is on the way (probably either hulk or hazard)

PaPa-Slam2221d ago

What? just this morning i read a great opinion piece how he should not leave or how Chelsea shouldn't let him leave.

But i don't understand, is he done with the Club Chelsea or the Football as a whole.

Gamer19822221d ago

He will go to Russia with Anelka for a massive pay cheque. This is all about a fat contract to see out his days now and only Russia or maybe USA will give him that.

Infernostew2220d ago

Anelka's playing in China.

MYSTERIO3602221d ago

Drogba was so instrumental in helping chelsea win the cup. It makes me wonder if chelsea will be able to do it again without him

Gamer19822221d ago

They wouldn't be able to do it again with him. Lets be honest they pulled out a miracle this year. It was a lot of hard work I'll admit and deserved but it was a miracle with that team.

silvacrest2221d ago

there is no doubt drogba was key to us getting the title but to say we cant do it again without him is ignorant, there are other, quality strikers out there and if drogba is going the manager or the owner will replace him

2220d ago
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