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Goal-line technology to be tested

FIFA has announced goal-line technology is to be tested at England's friendly against Belgium at Wembley on June 2.

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jak3y13oy2218d ago

I hope there is a late goal (Hopefully to England)at a 2-2 score and goal line tech has to confirm if it went in or not!
That'd surely prove that we need it!


no_more_heroes2218d ago

Would there be a loud blaring noise when it crosses the line? I could definitely get used to that. It would make things even more dramatic IMO.


Intresting, but I'm thinking... fireworks... BIG ONES!

no_more_heroes2218d ago

Maybe not for normal goals, but in extra time of end of season title and relegation survival run-ins? Or a cup final?

Oh snap!

Infernostew2218d ago

About damn time! Blatter's been letting this go for far too long.

PaPa-Slam2217d ago


This is good news, they should have tested it an yesr or 2 ago & should be making it mandatory by now. But it better late than never.