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Submitted by KazumaKiryu 1356d ago | rumor

Hazard joins Chelsea

Belgian superstar has delivered a snub to Premier League champions Manchester City and their rivals Manchester United by opting to join the Stamford Bridge club (English Premier League, Transfers)

Hard to tell
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jak3y13oy  +   1356d ago

He has said he's made his mind up but he is keeping it a secret until the England vs Belgium game.

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KazumaKiryu  +   1356d ago
lol your picture is well funny mate :)

I must admit I've not seen much of him, what type of player is he?
jak3y13oy  +   1356d ago
cheers! i picked it myself :D

Eden Hazard,

He is a pretty good player indeed, he is very fast and good with the ball.

I've attached a video for you to watch some good moments from him last season :)

I'm sure the others will tell you about him :D

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KazumaKiryu  +   1356d ago
Thanks, you're right he is very good. Agile, quick, skilful, good ball control, good shot and intelligent.

Seems to me he can play as a winger or playmaker role. Utd may be a better choice for him I think as he'll thrive with the support they provide on the pitch.

One thing that may be an issue is that he seems very greedy with the ball and a bit of show off. He will not get that much time in the premier league to try his tricks and flicks and if he does he'll probably be on the ground before he can finish his move lol.
Corepred4  +   1356d ago
C. Ronaldo ring any bells?
KazumaKiryu  +   1356d ago
That's exactly who he reminded me of and why I suggested utd :)
vulcanproject  +   1356d ago
32m has been widely suspected, plus the 6m his agent apparently wanted plus signing on fees.......

100k AFTER British income tax is a big wage. That will be at least 130k a week, assuming he is massively tax dodging like most of the other top players. Reality is its probably 180-200k a week....

Still besides all this, I don't know why he chose Chelsea. Lampard, Mata, Meireles, Malouda, Ramires, Kakuta and even Lukaku can and have played in that ACM style 'number 10' position Hazard wanted or wide off the main striker.

Sure enough they won the European cup, but they were well off the pace in the league and i doubt that their European exploits will be repeated anytime soon. They are in the midst of a major rebuild. They must have assured him he'll play a lot, but they don't even have a permanent manager to agree with that yet!!!

United were the much better choice for footballing reasons. Scholes and Giggs have at most 2 more seasons left in them. There are few players there that can challenge him for a true number 10 position.

Anyways, whatever his motivation good luck to him. This transfer has been badly handled in terms of PR in my opinion, he looks a bit of a jackass before he even plays in England although he probably isn't really.
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Mozilla89  +   1356d ago
Actually I just realized he never said Chelsea directly. I'm not believing this 100% until I hear something from Lille or Chelsea.
jak3y13oy  +   1356d ago
Okay it's not bullspit anymore. -.-

Hazard has probably gone their for the money.. sure they just won the champions league which they respectively won fairly but they are hopeless with their managers and i don't see Hazard playing much.

Though the line up; Hazard, Torres, Mata as the front three sounds very dangerous. (that's if Torres is playing his usual self again!)
jony_dols  +   1356d ago
'Hazard has probably gone their for the money'

You are talking about the same Chelsea that have won 3 EPL's, 4 FA Cups & a Champions League in the last 7 seasons? I'm pretty sure money wasn't the only factor he took into consideration, when he signed for the European champions.

'i don't see Hazard playing much'

He is extremely versatile & can not only cover the central mid, but also out wide as well.
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silvacrest  +   1355d ago
100% agree, chelsea have proven themselves a quality side that the best in the world would want to play for

haters will always say "he went for the money" and completely disregard everything TROPHIES
DeLeTeDAcCoUnT_LOL  +   1355d ago
Thibault Courtois, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin Debruyne and Eden Hazard...... That's why, almost all of his U21 buddies are there and he will get as much cash as he would get from City and more playing time.... And plus United got Kagawa(Very close to getting him) and look at the stats:

Eden Hazard: 192 apps, 50 goals and 30 assists.
Shinji Kagawa: 198 apps, 86 goals and 45 assists.

And remember that this is Ligue 1 vs Bundesliga now I'll let you figure out which league is better.
PaPa-Slam  +   1355d ago
100% agreed, he's definitely holding out the announcement until the game.
GanjaMan  +   1355d ago
wat u on about mate hes confirmed it himself if that dont mean hes goin to chelsea then i dont no wat is :s
MaximusPrime  +   1356d ago
confirmed by Eden himself:
PaPa-Slam  +   1355d ago
Nice Find.
buddymagoo  +   1356d ago
Thank god! Is ego is bigger than his talent and I'm just happy we didn't waste 30m+ on him.

Bring on Kagawa!
camehlheon  +   1356d ago
Where did you get that ego information from ? He's been very nice for years here, never heard anything bad about him, and trust me I'm listening !
silvacrest  +   1356d ago
hes just deflecting his true feelings
buddymagoo  +   1356d ago
If you check my comment history I was never interested in him. Very over rated!

Hazard: apps 192, goals 50, assists 38.
(Int: apps 26, goal 1).
Kagawa: apps 198, goals 86, assists 45.
(Int: apps 30, goals 10

Kagawa did this in a much harder league and will be a quarter of the price.
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ninjagoat  +   1356d ago
Said it all along hes a money man. Nothing more a bad season etc he will be on he first plane out. Need a player thats not only adept but is gonna be a United player to the badge.

These lads here always remind me off a cetain Mr Tommy Gunn (from Rocky) ;) You can train them make them good but when the money men step in they will always do you a bad turn.

We had another one of those the other season. Can do with out them need team players tbh. Kagawa has all the quality we need. The lad has made his intentions known that its United he wants to play for.

That imo is a good thing in its self none this pissing about making a show of himself. Hs talking is done on the football pitch and thats where it should be done.
zeddy  +   1356d ago
just because chelsea got hazard doesnt automatically mean we get kagawa. infact theres more chance that city will get kagawa now that they've failed to get hazard.
Gamer1982  +   1355d ago
Don't think City are interested and always said Dortmund will not sell the guy. Why would they? Unless they get a silly bid they can't turn down. Not the 14 million utd have been offering.
Gamer1982  +   1355d ago
Indeed he's gone to a team where he doesn't have to challenge for his place like at City or Utd and the only team willing to pay his 170k a week (before tax). City no longer need to pay silly wages to get players and utd aren't known for doing so. As for Kagawa you cannot compare them to be fair Hazard is younger most them apps came from when he was in the youth team! Also Utd had 2 bids for Kagawa turned down you ain't getting him.
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silvacrest  +   1355d ago
thats great and all, but you dont even have him yet, its a bit premature to bring out statistics

also, neither have played in the EPL so where they played in the past matters less
buddymagoo  +   1355d ago
We have him!

He has already met with Sir Alex

We have agreed a fee

and he will be ours!
camehlheon  +   1356d ago
Transfer to Chelsea confirmed by the player. The transaction will be around £40M. Worth or not, you'll figure that out yourselves.

He's been impressive here in France for 3 seasons, made it best player of the league twice in a row, champion in 2011, in the top 3 scorers and assists... Well, that's some player, and young too.
freeduck  +   1356d ago
40m? Wow that's outrageous.

Whatever happened to FFP?
Mozilla89  +   1356d ago
He just pulled that number out of nowhere. The transfer fee is unknown and Sky reports the salary to be around 100k pounds a week after tax.
Gamer1982  +   1355d ago
Gervinho had better stats in France before joining Arsenal and look how he turned out. Lets just see if he can cut it eh? He could be Torres V2.
Golden_Dive  +   1356d ago
Belgian Stars Will Grow In Chelsea Fc -
momthemeatloaf  +   1356d ago
He has like no followers.
FlashXIII  +   1356d ago
Lol wait this guy wants to play the number 10 role at Chelsea? Good luck brah, enjoy playing CDM under DiMatteo.
silvacrest  +   1356d ago
i dont really no much about him but its clear hes a quality player, so should fit in nicely with the new champions of europe
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1356d ago
Right behind Torres for the assists. PERFECT. Hopefully he aids Torres to his full potential.
guigsy  +   1356d ago
He won't pass his medical, they won't be able to fit his big head through the door.
Golden_Dive  +   1356d ago
Your Pathetic Joke Is Not Funny At All , Fucking Kid -
FlashXIII  +   1356d ago
I chuckled at it but then laughed at your overreaction.
zeddy  +   1356d ago
mata and hazard on the same team will make tons of asissts. now only if they had someone who can put chances away.
Mozilla89  +   1356d ago
If Torres doesn't score next season I don't know when he will.
ninjagoat  +   1356d ago
Im hoping he has a baron run again tbh :D was enjoying that was funny to watch. He coulding kick the ball into barn if the doors where swung open them was the days.

But then end of the season arrives and all the sudden hes scoring again. Gonna have to go get my gypsy curse renewed on his punk ass.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1356d ago
He will, hes sounding really confident already. Especially now that the big man has left. Torres will score, lets not forget his record at Liverpool.
Gamer1982  +   1355d ago
Its a scary thought isn't it? They cant get another striker as Torres is already questioning his future with the club and would leave if they did costing the club tens of millions. If he does stay he could cost them on the field in terms of results.
Nightfallen  +   1356d ago
Hmmm, so I guess Hulk is not going to Chelsea after all. IMO Hazard is way over-rated.
Infernostew  +   1356d ago
Hulk is even more overrated than Hazard.
Golden_Dive  +   1356d ago
I dont even think Chelsea Need Hulk When we can get someone better probably way cheaper!

- I heard Adam Johnson could be going to sunderland , Chelsea should get him for 10 Million
Which Bargain because he is not bad at all
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1356d ago
Indeed, Hulk is only getting attention because the Avengers movie just came out.
Rattlehead20  +   1356d ago
I hate modern football...Wanna do well? Spend money.

Loada shit...Not competitive anymore.
MYSTERIO360  +   1355d ago
I think he would have been best suited for united as they are in dire need of a midfielder. It seems money was a big part in his decision to go chelsea

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