Manchester United the world’s most popular club

The largest global football follower survey ever conducted has today named Manchester United the world’s most popular club, with 659 million followers worldwide.

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buddymagoo1761d ago

Was it ever in doubt? That why we have the most haters too.

Corepred41760d ago

Another article to make yourself feel better? Geez just accept that you didn't win the title this year. These articles trying to band-aid your pain need to stop. We finally won the league after a couple of years, sucked but didnt need to be reassured about my team every week.

buddymagoo1760d ago

It was an independent survey by searches company Kantar, I fail to see your point

Infernostew1760d ago

If we sign Kawaga, our global appeal will increase throughout Japan and Asia even farther.

buddymagoo1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

He's just been named Bundesliga player of the year too!