The best and worst kits at Euro 2012

The European Championship is just around the corner and distinguishes between the trendy and the passe at the prestigious tournament...

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oli1786d ago

I think the France jersey is the best. Portugal's isn't bad, it's one of my favorites.

Sandmano1786d ago

France always have nice jerseys.

FlashXIII1786d ago

Love the Croatian and the Dutch ones.. the Portugal away one is lovely too! Hate the England ones though but I guess the style of kits is best suited for their style of play under Woy.. bland and old fashioned.

PaPa-Slam1786d ago

Ahh, i knew this article was on it's way.

I pretty much agree with the choices in each category, but i sure like a few which are in 'Bad'.

MYSTERIO3601786d ago

Denmarks kit doesn't look terribly fashionable

FootballZilla1786d ago

portugals look good and englands mehh...

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