Official: Ronaldinho signs with Atletico Mineiro

The 32-year-old's time at Flamengo was cut short by a dispute over unpaid wages, and he will now play the remainder of the 2012 Brasileirao with the Minas Gerais state champions

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FootballZilla1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

hes only 32 if he would of taken football a little more serious he could be still kicking it in europe for sure... he is still a legend.

PaPa-Slam1877d ago

Agreed, he is definitely a legend, but he just disappeared recently, about 4/5 years ago he was everywhere, if they were talking about Football, they were talking about him.

But then suddenly he went off the screen, i wonder why?

Golden_Dive1875d ago

His injury caused his whole career , it ended his happiness...