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Manchester United: Can the Signing of Kagawa Lead United to Premier League Glory

BR - As has been well-documented over the past 24 hours, Manchester United have finally managed to complete the deal for Japanese central midfielder Shinji Kagawa.

The news ends an almost month-long saga for the Red Devils, who have been hotly linked with the former Dortmund man since nearly the conclusion of the 2011/12 Premier League campaign.

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XboxInnovation2180d ago

Don't know, but he'll sure be fun to watch. He's a wizard with the ball, he reminds me of Zidane.

silvacrest2180d ago

like the chelsea article a few days back, its to early to tell

PaPa-Slam2180d ago

Agreed, it sure is early to tell, and though for the sake of Untied fans i hope he pulls through.

b163o12180d ago


Chelsea & City looking for glory this year, I don't see United being relevant this season. Lol bring on the disagrees

Dakidog2180d ago

That's just stupid...even if they didn't win the league, they'd finish in the top 4 and that means Champions League. Now tell me how that's not being relevant?

I'd also disagree, either a 1st or 2nd place finish for them next season.

b163o12180d ago

Since when is 2nd or 3rd equal glory? We're talking about United not Tott or Liverpool. United fans wouldn't consider 2nd a good season, 1st is the only means of glory IMO. I don't see them improving like Chelsea has so far in this window. City's beefing up there defense, and I just don't see United competing...for glory(1st)

Gamer19822178d ago

"Since when is 2nd or 3rd equal glory" I dunno ask Arsenal fans it seems good enough for them each and evefry year XD.

guigsy2180d ago

Depends on how quickly he can adapt to the English game. He's exactly the sort of player we've been missing, we rely too heavily on our wingers for creativity.

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