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Cristiano Ronaldo: If I had a suitcase full of money I'd bet on Portugal or Spain to win Euro 2012

The Real Madrid attacker is hopeful of the Seleccao's chances in the finals, but feels that the defending European champions are the team to beat this summer

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FootballZilla2144d ago

Well you have the money soooo all you need is a suitcase :/

PaPa-Slam2144d ago

LOL, So True.

Either way, he and i share the same opinion, they both are probably the best teams in Euro 12.

But Netherlands & Germany are looking pretty good too.

FootballZilla2144d ago

well im portugugese so i hope he is right and thta portugal once and for all win the euro.

ProjectVulcan2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Spain, Germany and Holland are above Portugal for me. Which is difficult, because the Portuguese are gonna have to beat Holland or Germany to get out that group of death.

I am not sure they can.

I think the Germans and the Dutch will squeeze out that group. Certainly thats the most exciting group i'll be watching it with intense interest.

Mozilla892143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

No way Portugal are favorites, I'm not even sure they'll get out of their group. Spain, Germany, Netherlands are of course all better. Even France and maybe even Denmark and Italy are better than Portugal right now.

Blackdeath_6632143d ago

lol i was gonna say exactly the same thing! i disagree with ronaldo i think germany and Holland will win the euro's. spain is the strongest team i just get a feeling that they will lose in the finals or something

badz1492143d ago

he doesn't already? that's more a news to me lol!

FootballZilla2143d ago

we dont have to beat holland and germany to get out of the group .. draw v germany .. win v denmark and draw or win v holland and he will make it out..

ProjectVulcan2143d ago

You may have to beat ONE of either Holland or Germany, or just score a load past Denmark more than anybody else.

The key game for Portugal will be Germany v Holland. If that ends a draw it means you certainly could end up having to beat one of them.

XboxInnovation2143d ago

Surprise team wins this year...Croatia

pwneddemocrat2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Yea .. i dont think you have a suitcase filled with money after Madrid bought you for 90 mil.

chukamachine2143d ago

If i had a suitcase, all i'd need is his money.

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