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Highlights: Spain 1 – 1 Italy ( Euro 2012 -- 06/10/2012 )

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(0-1)Antonio Di Natale 60'

(1-1)Francesc Fábregas 64'

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-Mezzo-2105d ago

Spain Choked, they should have won.

Corepred42105d ago

Torres!!!! This guy really needs to step it up soon before his support starts fading. I still cheer for the guy but come on! He should have had at least 1 goal and 3 or 4 shots!

hobokiller2105d ago

*Torres choked. Within 5 minutes of coming on he had a chance to put the game away for Spain, who should have won.

buddymagoo2105d ago

Let's not forget at the last world cup Spain lost their first game against Switzerland and went on to win the tournament.

GanjaMan2105d ago

torres* choked. + balotelli should of scored but he was too cocky he was basically walkin towards the goal haahaa (but thats why i rate him hes a laugh but hes also quality)

Kinect2105d ago Show
Why o why2105d ago

??? Why and why even call him that

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Dakidog2105d ago

I missed it =(

Fucking sleep!

freeduck2105d ago

Result could of gone either side, both created some really good chances. I'm surprised with Italy's performance compared to the last few years, they can have a real good run into this competition.

lugia 40002105d ago

No Spain winning for a change.

Good game, I hope Italy passes.

silvacrest2105d ago

entertaining game despite the result

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