Highlights: Germany 1-2 Italy (Euro 2012 Semi-Final - 28/06/2012)

1-0 - 20' - Balotelli M.
2-0 - 36' - Balotelli M.
2-1 - 91' - Ozil M. (Penalty)

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freeduck1854d ago

Italy took me by surprise, thought the Germans were going to run them over. Italy could've scored a few more in the second half. Deserved to win this

Buffon, Mario, Pirlo were fantastic

Psychonaughty1854d ago

This makes England look an alright team after all, Germany were overrated mind you, I always knew that.

Anderson81854d ago

i dont think they were ovverated but they were outclassed today. pirlo ran the show again today it will be interesting to see if he can do it vs the spanish.

balotelli is also on fire

oli1854d ago

They were never overrated, Germany has been at their best for quite some time now. It'll be time for them to win something soon.

Corepred41854d ago

Lol quit trying to justify England, man. They stink.

Blackdeath_6631853d ago

England is a team with no identity or philosophy, with their new manager it may take a few years before they get anywhere. also what i don't understand about england is if they are so bad at penalties and keep losing at them why don't they try winning a football game at normal time?

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asmith23061854d ago

Yeah right, like I said in a previous thread, the backbone of Italy is made up of juve players who only lost one game all season and it's really showing here. They fully deserved their win and I hope they take out Spain in the final. Germany never looked up for it.

Golden_Dive1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Might Not Happen Though -
All spain has to do is pass around until they get Italy open -
They are good at possession and make teams go dead on them, all Italy has to do is get the lead & Spain could go for it on attack -
But if that doesn't happen than you what spain are best at , taking advantages of teams by make them go to sleep playing kind of boring football - I dont want to see a park the bus either -

Mozilla891854d ago

Germany looked a little out of sorts. Only caught some glimpses or their one touch football. Losing the clean sheet for Italy also hurt me in the fantasy league!

I'll be backing Italy in the final now I guess.

jak3y13oy1853d ago

Yeah Same! :(

Looks like the title of the Euro will be decided on Sunday! Either Me or You Mate ;)

May The Best Man Win!

(Shame there is no prize :/ )

Mozilla891852d ago

Yeah you do have a small lead which gives you the edge. Hopefully my masterplan will work haha. Good luck tomorrow!

Attila571854d ago

Lol at people thinking Germany were going to win. Awesome stuff Italy! Much respect, you deserve it.

MWH1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

don't laugh. Germany is a strong team and one can always expect a consistant level of performance and less fails while Italy has a higher inconsistancy in their performance and more fails than the heart can sustain..but perhaps that's part of the enjoyment and surprise.

it was a good game but the best game between the two the memory can recall was the World Cup 2006, it was an all time classic.

funny that rivalry now; Italy > Germany > Argentina

FootballZilla1854d ago

Germany was shocked. ByLADOTELLI.

Kinect1853d ago

does LADO means dildo ? stop being racist ,, RESPECT DIVERSITY

FootballZilla1853d ago

how am i being racist you twat;) ... how is LAD being racist do you even know what a lad is?

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The story is too old to be commented.