'Balotelli's worth €250 million' - agent Mino Raiola

The eccentric striker has raised his profile with some impressive performances at Euro 2012, prompting his agent to value him at a colossal fee...

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PaPa-Slam1701d ago

The 3 goals in Euro 12 really bumped up his price.


I didn't know scoring 3 goals in a tournament bumps up the price by over 200 million, if that's the case then Torres is now also worth 250 million since he also scored 3 goals.

PaPa-Slam1701d ago

Well ofcourse scoring 3 goal alone isn't the reason he's worth that much money, but you can't say that those 3 goals didn't help.


Fair enough but Balotelli is no where near worth 250m and his agent is just talking out of his ass again.

Golden_Dive1701d ago

Chelsea attempted a 250 Million bid for Messi , Thats No Where Near Mario
if we are talking about 250 M.

GanjaMan1700d ago

only messi is worth 250 mill n ronaldo comes close i reckon hes worth 200mill

garos821700d ago

no human is worth that much! seriously inflation doesnt seem to hit football to hard

PaPa-Slam1700d ago

Yup seems kinda unreal to me. well hope we find it out soon enough.

KingPin1701d ago

if this idiot is worth that much, messi and ronaldo must be worth 500+ million easy.

but yeah, il have whatever his agent is smoking.

Kopite_20201700d ago

Is Balotelli's agent is his reflection in the mirror?

chukamachine1700d ago

Football money has gotten silly.

None of the players are worth that.

I think money wise it should go back to playing for small amount, then maybe they would play with honour.

Well the england team might.

Bunch on nancies. kicked in the ankle, hold their head like they've been shot.

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