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(VIDEO) Iker Casillas asked the ref to blow the final whistle early out of respect for Italy

Up 4-0 against a 10-man Italian side in the Euro 2012 final, Spain captain Iker Casillas made it that much harder to not like him by asking the officials to cut the three minutes of injury time a little short and blow the final whistle.

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PaPa-Slam1994d ago

That guy is a Pure Class Act, not just in this match, but in every match, he's a treat to watch playing.

kulka1994d ago

One of the most one sided finals ever. Spain are just class.

Grap1993d ago

it wasn't one sided it was more one of the boring finals in history. both sided was boring. italy had to play 10 players after motta out half the game spain wasn't that good in fact. i think Portugal should be in the finals instead Spain.

jak3y13oy1993d ago

That's true football respect!

RGB1993d ago

Iker Casillas... a great player, a great leader and a great person. My favourite player. :D

Class is in his name! :)

doncorleone1993d ago

I see what you did there :p

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