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Mourinho's eye-poke ban lifted for Spanish Cup

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho's ban for poking Barcelona counterpart Tito Vilanova in the eye last year was lifted Tuesday, clearing the way for the pair to meet at the Spanish Super Cup next month.
Mourinho had been banned for poking Vilanova in the eye during an on-field brawl at the end of a Super Cup match last year. Vilanova was suspended for one game for his retaliatory slap on Mourinho, but that was also overturned, allowing the new Barcelona coach to face the Portuguese in the Aug. 23 first leg at the Camp Nou. Madrid hosts the second leg at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium a week later.

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sdtarm2111d ago

mourinho is a fucking shame he really has a fucking problem


heidenh2110d ago

You have a problem.......not Mourinho.......You can't just hate a man because he is good! He is a class act......yeah...he may have a flaw or two but we all!

sdtarm2110d ago

no public figure no matter who it is should do that, he is supposed to be looked up to and you teach your fans and supporters to curse on the opposition?

Corepred42110d ago

Trembling on the airplane. LMAO! seriously?! What is wrong with people today! Grow a f'n pair! There are too many femamen today!

krazykombatant2109d ago

funny you should say that about mou, obviously it was a huge mistake on his part but I wonder what you think about messi smoking a cigar a couple of years back.

sdtarm2109d ago


ehmm idk what you are talking about since

but either way was he swearing at someone? specifically someone for just being a supporter from your perhaps greatest competition?

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2109d ago
heidenh2110d ago

I love this! Its good for the game.........New beginning......Mourinho is my man anytime!

DavidLuiz42110d ago

Hahaa .... Moo reenyoo got. Classsss