Manchester United world's most valuable team

The 19-times English champions, who are preparing for a listing on the New York Stock Exchange, were valued at $2.23 billion

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buddymagoo1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

1. Manchester United (football) - $2.23 billion
2. Real Madrid (football) - $1.88 billion
3. New York Yankees (MLB) - $1.85 billion
3. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) - $1.85 billion
5. Washington Redskins (NFL) - $1.56 billion
6. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) - $1.40 billion
6. New England Patriots (NFL) - $1.40 billion
8. Barcelona (football) - $1.31 billion

And without the debt it would be 2.7 billion

PaPa-Slam1803d ago

Holy Moly, that's alot of cash.

Dakidog1804d ago

Nice to see another MLB team on the list besides the Yanks. RM moved up on them...guess winning the league did them some real good.

PaPa-Slam1803d ago

No surprise there, them being the most Valuable was predictable.