Highlights: AmaZulu 0-1 Manchester United (Friendly - 18/07/2012)

0-1 Macheda

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buddymagoo1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It's only a friendly but it's nice to get the tour started with a win. The kit looked really good on tv.

BelieveinGhosts1804d ago

I knew the kit would be great after looking at pictures several times. At first it looked shocking but then its just like the barca kit, it takes some time to realise it is unique and great looking after all

PaPa-Slam1804d ago

I expected City to do much better than this, but anyway a win is a win.

buddymagoo1804d ago

You watching the right game this was Man United. City lost their first game and drew their last.

PaPa-Slam1804d ago

Damn i screwed up, i was posting a reply to DavidLuiz in the other highlight post.

This One:

buddymagoo1804d ago

Ahh ok but City didn't win??

MYSTERIO3601803d ago

good win for united still not sure about the new kit but i suppose it will take some time to get used to still wouldn't go as far as to buy it.

MYSTERIO3601803d ago

Although this match showed where a great time already i still think we need to add to our squad if were going to last the whole next season.