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Oscar secures dream move

Chelsea have confirmed the signing of Brazil international Oscar after a drawn-out transfer process.

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freeduck2155d ago

25million for a 20 year old... yikes

BritishUK2155d ago

Talk smack about teams when LFC brought the most overrated players in the premiere league last season. Lol-

ninjagoat2155d ago

Some scary money flying round for these kids. Unproven players just like United and Moura if he signs.

Its fun to watch i know :)


There has surely got to be some sense before making dicisions like this?.

Gamer19822154d ago

Moura deals off according to his agent. The players not interested.

ninjagoat2154d ago

Good stuff there places that money will be better spent.

silvacrest2154d ago

chelsea are just looking more & more beastly with each signing

Straightupbeastly2154d ago

I'll admit I'm not big on this kid. I thought Chelsea should have went after Gaston Ramirez for their hole in the CAM slot