25 Amazing Facts About Lionel Messi

TBW - Some couple of days ago, I posted 25 facts about Cristiano Ronaldo , now its time to reveal some ground-breaking acheievements and Facts about Messi.

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The_Devil_Hunter1844d ago

'The only player to score a hat trick witb adidas boots that were color blue' Some of these are kind of stupid. Lol regardless Messi is a fantastic player. I just feel he needs to play in another league to show he is better than anyone that ever lived.

BelieveinGhosts1844d ago

Youre comment suggests you are an ignorant human being. I am sorry for you.

BritishUK1844d ago

You have issues toward other , go check your local doctors

osivanc261844d ago

And what league would you suggest? La Liga is top notch in my book

Snakefist301844d ago

EPL is miles better than La Liga!!!

ColinZeal1843d ago

Yeah, if he´d perform in EPL, the best league in the world, then i´d rank him higher than C.Ronaldo.

BelieveinGhosts1843d ago

offcourse la liga is better than epl. Thats why i am sorry for the epl fan boys that dont want to here it.

They are living in denial

BritishUK1844d ago

He had a chance to play with Spain ? Just think about messi accepting that chance , lol Portugal

meplaygames1844d ago

Until messi proves himself in any other team apart from barcelona, he simply cannot be considered one of the greatest of all time!! Players like zidane, Ronaldo, maradona etc... all proved there class on the international stage and in multiple leagues and teams. Judging by the way Messi struggles to make an impact for Argentina I think he would find it hard in a league like the EPL.

OldParr1844d ago

Thats just your opinión!!

The_Devil_Hunter1843d ago

That is exactly what I am suggesting, hes great no doubt but its just that he has proved any where else, I mean come on, anyone who plays with Barcelona at this level will do great. I like messi he is a good role model but I wish he played in EPL or maybe even Serie A.