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Highlights: Bayern Munich 15-0 Paulaner (Club Friendly - 31/07/2012)

Muller (5)
Mandzukic (11)
Mueller (18, 21)
Shaqiri (33)
Lahm (39 PEN)
Shaqiri (41)
Kroos (57)
Gomez (63, 71, 76, 77 )
Ribéry (79)
Gomez (80)
Kroos (82)

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freeduck2057d ago

Who organizes Munich's friendlies? This summer they have been stomping over every club they play, no challenge at all

jak3y13oy2057d ago

Second that!

pre season is about getting prepared for the next season. i dont think munich will be winning 15-0 every match :/ they need a challenge!

Straightupbeastly2057d ago

Napoli already put the whooping on them. Insigne was running circles around Munich

--Onilink--2057d ago

whats the point in a match like this?? they might as well just done a regular training. They are even risking injuries, because someone who is losing by that much is not bound to be happy

freeduck2056d ago

I actually think they played their best squad this game so they can build up confidence considering their fiasco last season

OmniSlashPT2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

lol Gomez scores 5 in a friendly. Messi scores 5 in Champiosn League.

Bayern is a bunch of losers (just like the german national team) and they make this friendly matches so they can actually win something lmao