Highlights: Manchester City 3-2 Southampton (English Premier League - 19/08/12)

1-0 C. Tevez 40'
1-1 R. Lambert 59'
1-2 S. Davis 68'
2-2 E. Dzeko 70'
3-2 S. Nasri 80'

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no_more_heroes1652d ago

Well, that was deliciously epic!

jak3y13oy1652d ago

I see Lambert is still rocking them goals! :D

karim1652d ago

Great game, Southampton really impressed me!

silvacrest1651d ago

didn't see the match, but it looks very interesting, will have to watch the highlights

Infernostew1651d ago

Great fight by Southampton! They should feel a bit hard done since Tevez was offsides on the opening goal.

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