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Pardew eyes repeat of 'one of the great victories' in his career against Chelsea

The 51-year-old is confident that his charges are a stronger unit than of those who beat Roberto Di Matteo's side 2-0 at the back end of last season

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jak3y13oy1977d ago

I would like to see another spectacular goal from Cisse ;)

goku323591977d ago

Why the disagrees? If Cisse getting an amazing goal means a goal against us then so be it (as long as Chelsea still win lol)

MaximusPrime1977d ago

going to be another interesting game, especially with Hazard and Oscar being involve. Spectacular goal from Cisse? highly unlikely.

MaximusPrime1976d ago

fantastic goal from Torres. not so fantastic from Cisse, no wait, he hasn't scored yet.

Chelsea leads 2-0 at half time.

Sorry disagreers, keep your hope high

goku323591977d ago

Chelsea won't underestimate Newcastle this time. I think now that the element of surprise is gone, Chelsea will have a slight edge (Hazard and Oscar playing will also help of course). I expect Chelsea to win this, but not by much. 2-1 or 3-2 for Chelsea.

Mozilla891977d ago

Newcastle are a really good team so this will be a tough one.

silvacrest1977d ago

yeah, chelsea will certainly respect newcastle this time round but i still expect a win from the blues

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