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Highlights: Stoke 0-0 Arsenal (English Premier League - 26/08/2012)

No goals.

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crazyturkey2068d ago

So far as I've predicted 2 draws. Now the grace period for our strikers is over, so Against Liverpool we need to see goals.
On a positive note, our defense seems to be working much better than previous seasons.

buddymagoo2068d ago

May sound crazy but I'd stick the Ox up front, you know if given the chance he will score goals.

Anderson82068d ago

him or walcott i think would be better than giroud..

no_more_heroes2068d ago

Liverpool currently winning, so even they'll be above us after this round of fixtures. I don't care how early it is in the season, that Liverpool fixture is a must win game.

jak3y13oy2068d ago

Arsenal still haven't scored yet in this season...

imtiyaz62068d ago

For the first time in years our defense looked better than our attack. We aren't scoring goals because the team's not gelling well in attack. And I don't know why Wenger keeps taking our best players off the field, Cazorla was brilliant. I would like to see him and Ramsey play together more often

silvacrest2068d ago

its to early to make sweeping statements but right now, arsenal are looking kinda weak up front

p_bateman2068d ago

LOL at the stoke fans booing ramsey bunch ov inbreds and shawcross is a wanker.