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Xavi: Barca could have beaten Madrid with 10 men

The Spain international feels that the Spanish Supercopa could have gone either way, and has urged his team-mates to turn their attention to La Liga again.

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Nes_Daze2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Of course, but they played horribly that night. And it wasn't because Madrid was pressuring them or any of that crap, Barca was just all over the place scrambling to get back to their passing game. This is the worst I've seen them play against Madrid, and it was a 4-4 aggregate, not too bad just hope Villanova can help them start playing again at their finest.

Corepred42059d ago

Passing from Barca was horrible because they couldn't handle all the pressure from Madrid. It was great to see. So, they could've beat Madrid with 10 men hmm, well.. why didn't they, Xavi? lol

krazykombatant2058d ago

coulda shoulda but couldn't

Straightupbeastly2058d ago

Lots of lucky Madrid goals. Odd bounces and crappy keeping. Was never a fan of Valdes he's overrated

hkgamer2058d ago

Valdes isn't over-rated. He is just a good keeper, nothing special.

Barcelona was missing Puyol big time.

Mascherano cannot play a centre back position. Just not experienced enough to go up against Madrid.

Madrid had a dissapointing 2nd half. They were happy just keeping a tiny 2-1 lead. But I guess they were too concerned with Barcelona and their counter attacks. Was very risky for Madrid but it paid off at the end.

Khalids192058d ago

i just came heere to say #$^%$^$!!! you!! XAVI

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