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Fabulous Falcao the one that got away for Chelsea

The Colombian struck a brilliant hat-trick in Atletico's 4-1 win over the Blues to claim the Uefa Super Cup on Friday and spark an almighty scrap for his signature next summer.

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no_more_heroes1928d ago

Well, Atletico payed €40m for him, any possible suitors would have to pay at least double that.

sdtarm1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

his contract lets him go for 50m

nvm its actually 55 million pounds around 70 million Euros... ouch

freeduck1927d ago

Rafa wanted to sign him for 3m a few years ago but the old owners refused. Porto bought him for 4m a week later.

goku323591927d ago

Man that must be a real blow considering how good he got. I don't know much about liverpool's past, but I keep hearing how bad the old owners were.

freeduck1927d ago

They were pretty bad and if it weren't for them, LFC wouldn't be where it is now.

People don't give rafa enough credit for his eye for talent. David Silva and David Villa were a hair away from joining, but the owners could not back him up.

RGB1927d ago

Rafa is a Liverpool Legend! He got Liverpool back to the top for several years and almost won the league. His managerial career was destroyed by the previous owners. Totally sad really.

FootballZilla1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Porto bought him for £4mill.... thats what we doooooooo