Highlights: Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal (English Premier League - 02/09/12)

0-1. L. Podolski 31'
0-2 S. Cazorla 68'

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jak3y13oy1782d ago

The new boys with two great goals!

Liverpool have had their worst start to a season for 50 years!

Maybe next season ;)

KonohagakureFC1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Good goals from Arsenal, new signings finally paying off.

And Suarez needs to stay on his damn feet more, dunno how many times he was on the floor whining

no_more_heroes1782d ago

...and we're finally up and running. Three weeks in, we're now the only team who hasn't conceded a goal yet. Who'd have wagered that?

Unfortunately, we're also tied for second to last in the goalscoring department with only two. Giroud needs to get going quickly or confidence will be a huge problem this season.

crazyturkey1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I said last week that our new signings' grace period was over and that we needed goals against Liverpool. Today they delivered.
As for Liverpool this is bad. Gerrard was poor 88 minutes of the game. Suarez asking for free kicks everywhere and not concentrating on playing. Sahin was in there just for a ride and Reina seriously.

karim1782d ago

Impressive display from the Arsenal boys, very surprised with their defensive solidity and they're finally up and running in the attacking department.

Gamer19821782d ago

To be fair Liverpool were getting through there defence they just have nobody to score goals.

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