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Sir Alex Ferguson criticizes Wayne Rooney over weight

This morning see some comments come from Sir Alex Ferguson regarding the weight of Wayne Rooney, comments reported by the Daily Mail.

A lot of Manchester United fans over the summer have also aired views regarding Wayne Rooney’s weight as concerns over his pre-season regime and eating/exercising habits have come to light.

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karim2114d ago

Well, this was expected

Corepred42114d ago

Rooney to tottenham?? Chelsea??

karim2113d ago

Nothing to do with transfers

b163o12113d ago

Jumping the gun aren't we, he's just saying Rooney needs to get fit. I said he looked bigger to myself when they opened the season..

Corepred42113d ago

Wow, you guys need to go jump off a bridge. lol I wasn't serious. Just playing advocate, I mean after seeing Van Persie scoring a hat trick and then this comment about Rooney being fat you can see how I came up with that little bit. Seriously guys, chill.

karim2113d ago

Erm, no one overreacted but you.."you guys need to go jump off a bridge" pretty sure you're the one who needs to chill

Corepred42113d ago

jump off a bridge into the water as in cool off or chill out. idiots who take things too seriosly are the ones to overreact =)

crazyturkey2113d ago

Ok lets get all the Fatman and Robin jokes out of the way.

karim2113d ago

Gotta love the premier league