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Ronaldo fuels quit speculation with mysterious tweet

Rumours have been rife in the Spanish media outlets that Ronaldo could potentially be on the way out of Real Madrid this year after he didn’t celebrate either of his goals in the recent La Liga match against Granada.

With his agent staying tight lipped on the reasoning behind Ronaldo’s choice to not celebrate, nobody knew the situation but Ronaldo has tried to shed some light on the situation.

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karim2059d ago

Still no idea about this mystery sadness..

pwneddemocrat2059d ago

Great player but stop acting like bitches.

Only bitches send mysterious messages about what truly bothers them without saying it directly.

wantedboys2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Bitch why!! Because he did not celebrate and media ask why and he said he was sad but all the rumors from news make feel like a bitch
And how this article been approved he did not say he will quit

People they are difference between quit and sad

Today he is sad and tomorrow he will be happy like normal people, he have feeling he is not alien

Drakesfortune2058d ago

I love this guy!! yeah he is a bit theatrical at times..but an awesome football and would take him back to united in a heartbeat!

mcstorm2058d ago

I agree ide love to see him back at united having rvp rooney and ronaldo in the team would be one of the best strike force if not the best strik force in the world. I would play rooney and Ronaldo behind rvp though as i still think having val on the right is a must.

b163o12058d ago

Lmao you United fans are hilarious, still living in the past. Christiano Ronaldo has not been there in five years ago get over it. He had his time at United and has moved onto better things, just cause he's upset doesn't mean he's coming back lol.

mcstorm2057d ago

@b163o1 I never said he was coming back I said I would love to see him back. I would also like to see Beckham back at United too but again im not saying this will happen just something ide like to see. So how are we still living in the past if I may ask?

Drakesfortune2051d ago

I never said it would happen, all I said is I would love the guy at united but because he is world class? who wouldn't want Ronaldo in the team?

its like arsenal fans say they would have had henry back when he left or Liverpool fans saying they would have Alonso back etc

karim2058d ago

Anyone would love to him in their team, very few can afford him, United not in one of those club