Manchester City to pay over £23Million for 19 year old

Numerous reports claim that Manchester City could end up paying Serie A side Fiorentina a huge £24million for defender Matija Nastasic, according to reports from Italy.

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karim1721d ago

24M? A little bit too much for him. He's pretty good but 18-20M is the max valuation for him!

buddymagoo1720d ago

He looked pants today against Scotland

karim1720d ago

Every player has days off but he's usually reliable

vulcanproject1720d ago

Ha he is nothing compared to Hummels who you could probably get for that money

Gamer19821720d ago

Its 17 million plus a player worth 7 million plus he is one for the future. At least we do'nt go round throwing 50 million at has beens like Torres. Now THATS a waste of money.

karim1720d ago

We wouldn't have won the champions league if it wasn't for him

Anderson81720d ago

you wouldnt of won without drogba.. torres' contribution was minimal