Highlights: Stoke City 1-1 Manchester City (English Premier League - 15/09/12)

1-0 P. Crouch 15'
1-1 J. Garcia 35'

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crazyturkey1685d ago

Man City is too inconsistent so far.

buddymagoo1685d ago

conceding too many goals, their defence is suspect this year.

Gamer19821684d ago

The defence is not suspect at all apart from the first game where we were shocked by an up and coming team we have only lost goals to set pieces this is because of a new formation and new players who are not used to Zonal marking that will change within time.

karim1685d ago

I can't see them winning the league, not until they sort out their defensive problems.

no_more_heroes1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Which is odd, because their defense seemed pretty mean last year. Now its Arsenal showing the best defense four games in this season, whereas last season we had by far the worst after four games.

I just hope City's defense is equally as shaky next week. ;)

Gamer19821684d ago

I cant see Chelsea winnin the league until they sort out that Torres problem now thats a serious problem Citys defence is temporary. Its new players getting used to Zonal and a new formation. City have among the best defence in the league and Joe Hart had the most clean sheets in the league last year to prove it.

buddymagoo1684d ago

Now you know what it feels like to be Champions and everyone raises their game to try and beat you. City won't find it easy this season.

Corepred41685d ago

Goals like Crouch's on FIFA make me want to throw the controller! lol Luckily getting the ball past 2-3 guys then scoring.

GanjaMan1685d ago

enit cause no handballs in fifa but somehow the ref didnt see it here neither

p_bateman1685d ago

They will still win the league they have the best team on paper.

silvacrest1685d ago

best team on paper does not mean shit, look at chelsea last season, on paper they have won nothing, instead they got the FA cup and european cup

Gamer19821684d ago

They will win it because the league is a long stretch and the first few games usually have little impact. It all depends on who you play. So far Chelsea has played nobody. Utd has had Everton who they always struggle against and City has had Liverpool who always come good against the top 4 and Stoke at the Britannia where nobody won last year. The league isn't as simple as looking at players and whos on top after 4-5 games it's a marathon not a sprint.

p_bateman1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Chelsea were very lucky the cream eventually rises to the top.

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