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Sevilla 1-0 Real Madrid Match Highlights (Spanish Primera Division 16/9/2012)

1' 1-0 Piotr Trochowski

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karim1830d ago

Real have now lost for the first time in their history the first 3 official away games, Mourinho has to fix this mess ASAP

solid_si1829d ago

He wont be able to fix it, Real Madrid can fix it by sacking the bastard. Morinho can definetly manage Doncaster after that.

wantedboys1830d ago

i have a question what the hell happen to real Madrid in the summer?!!

krazykombatant1830d ago

Bad bad bad bad horrible get it fixed mou, stop sitting kaka on the bench goddammit!

XboxInnovation1830d ago

Ronaldo destroyed the team. Time to sell him.

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