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John Terry fined, benched 4 matches


The FA has dealt Chelsea skipper John Terry a four-match ban and a £220,000 ($356,356) fine following the player's four-day disciplinary hearing.

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kulka2036d ago

The FA are a joke if he only got 4 game ban yet his offence was witnessed by the whole world.. While Suarez got 8 games without any solid evidence..

Yi-Long2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

... in which universe is 'Fuc***g Bl**k C**t' less offensive and racist than the term 'Negrido'!?

The FA are completely out of their mind.

This isn't right, and Suarez and Liverpool would be very very right in being extremely angry and upset by this.

karim2036d ago

That's because of the number of times Suarez said the offensive word (Read Tony Adams' tweets)

big_dom_returns2035d ago

Read Tony Adams' tweets? LOL. So you take the word of a drunken retard posting on the most wanked out site in existence over the hard fact that "negrito" is not a racist term in Latin America or in Spain? Your head's been spun by Sky Sports/Murdock media bullshit. Then again, you are a Chelsea plastic, so it's expected.

buddymagoo2035d ago


Black guy is not a racist term but saying it more than once to a black guy can be seen as racist. How do people still not get this???

NewMonday2035d ago


"8" only on the word of Evra, that's the whole problem, no other evidence to that claime

KazumaKiryu2035d ago


7 times, no wait 8 times, oh actually it was 10. evra changed his story but nothing was said about that was there.

buddymagoo2035d ago

And Suarez is really a reliable character with all the diving, biting, hand-balling he has done over his career he must have been telling the truth!

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no_more_heroes2036d ago

I've nearly scratched my scalp off wondering how they reached this verdict.

I would love to hear the FA's reasoning for this. Should be interesting.

Gamer19822035d ago

John Terry is English its plain and simple. It was like with Wayne Rooney last year when he should have had a longer ban for hitting out at another player. They treat English players different than others. The FA in themselves are racists.

GanjaMan2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

even though i hate liverfool i have to agree that if suarez was banned for 8 games then why not terry? makes no sense but i reckon its cause JTs english and suarez aint, we say blatters FIFA and platins UEFA are corrupt well just look at our own FA they are just as bad if not worse than the others.

Yi-Long2035d ago

The FA should hold a disciplinary meeting about their own racism!


badz1492035d ago

but looking back at what Suarez got, now it seems unfair a bit! not a fan of Suarez but 8 was ridiculous and Terry got half of that? you gotta be kidding me! this is no justice, just limiting the damage taken!

krazykombatant2035d ago

Terry=white Suarez=Foreign latino. that is why. This whole thing is a fucking joke.

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no_more_heroes2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Wow. Seems he got off comparatively lightly, didn't he?

What say ye, Chelsea fans?

karim2036d ago

It's official, the FA are better than the high court. Ridiculous

buddymagoo2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

In court a racially aggravated assault would be 'I have attacked you because you are black'. The FA have charged him with misconduct which would be because they were arguing about something and racist comments were made.

The FA is a workplace. If you got charged for misconduct in your workplace you would not necessarily be pressed with legal charges.

GanjaMan2035d ago

well ur gona say that your a chelski supporter

2035d ago
big_dom_returns2035d ago

Luise Suarez gets banned 8 games on the evidence that he "probably" (no democratic court on Earth or another universe for that matter could convict anyone on probability, so that must mean the FA are beyond the relms of normal existence) racially abused Evra. To put that into context, I could get arrested next week and charged with a local murder, just based on the case that I probably could have been there at the time of the event. Not fact. Just "Yeah, he was probably there, so charge the scum." Add that to the fact that tabloid scum papers like the Mirror printed on the front of their page "RACIST" in big red letters with Suarez picture. Nice one! Top marks again for the English tabloid. Smacks of "THE TRUTH" from a certain other scum rag. So super brave JT, English super hero, gets charged with 4 game ban and a slap on the wrist fine when there's critical hard evidence on fucking VIDEO! that shows he did it. Well done, FA! If I didn't know any better, I'd say the FA, refs, and the media in general had a chip on their shoulder for Liverpool in general. I mean, I'm "probably" correct in saying that, but hey, the evidence is clear, no?

buddymagoo2035d ago

I guess you forgot the part that he admitted it. So yes if you confess to a murder that has happened in your local area you are probably going to prison.

NewMonday2035d ago

admitted saying it only once, the ban was for "probably" 8 times

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