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Highlights: Newcastle United 0-3 Manchester United (English Premier League - 07/10/12)

0-1 / J. Evans / 8'
0-2 / P. Evra / 15'
0-3 / T. Cleverly / 71'

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buddymagoo2020d ago

Great goal from Cleverley! It was a good test today and we passed it with flying colours.

PaPa-Slam2019d ago

I expected this to be a close game, but United completely outdid the Newcastle.

Great Game.

crazyturkey2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Easy win for Man. United in the end. Newcastle only had one good chance which IMO did go in, but that was it. The other half chances created by Newcastle were mostly due to De Gea's mistakes when trying to get the ball off the air (reminds me of Almunia, Manone and Fabianki most of the time when he does that).

buddymagoo2020d ago

It's horrible the culture we have on this site. If a team loses everyone jumps in with their hollow sniping comments. If a team wins the majority of rival fans stay quiet and lay low.

I have posted in both the Chelsea and Arsenal results this week at how well certain players have played and I have done in the past. I just wish people would be just as quick with their praise as they are with their cynicism.

asmith23062020d ago

Most of the time their cynicism is directed towards fans who go over board.

Considering there was three goals today, it was a very boring match, Utd fully deserved it though. Newcastle looked a shadow of the side they were last year.

Ben Dover2020d ago

Really Buddy? Really? Weren't you acting completely butthurt last week when the Spurs defeated you on your own terrain? You're causing a lot of it yourself really..

Nes_Daze2020d ago

Fully deserved victory by United, but I do think Newcastle should've had that goal.

zeddy2020d ago

it wasnt over the line.

GanjaMan2020d ago

sick goal at the end probably a fluke though

buddymagoo2020d ago

If that was a fluke then so was Cisse's against Chelsea.

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