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jak3y13oy1897d ago

What a game!

'Whatever you can do i can do better'

What a free kick by Messi!

PaPa-Slam1896d ago

Spot on, this pretty much sums up the game.

no_more_heroes1897d ago

Well it certainly didn't disappoint, did it? Both teams showed why they're the two best teams in football right now.

Here's something interesting though. If Atletico win their match that just started, they go top!

Not often Real have to look up at Atletico...

realiks1897d ago

Better Atletico than Barcelona, eh?

asmith23061897d ago

Fair result, great game. I'm only surprised that no one got sent off. Well done referee, showed some sense and kept the game flowing.

GanjaMan1897d ago

were u watching the samee game i was? in the first half he was stopping play for a sneeze!!

crazyturkey1897d ago

I thought Pepe or Ramos would get sent off again as they usually do.

asmith23061896d ago

I mean with cards. I hate when players get sent off in these big matches, tends to ruin the spectacle. Hard tackles are to be expected in derby games and I don't like refs who pull people up too quickly in these matches. I agree with the commenter below though, Alonso was lucky to have stayed on the pitch!

--Onilink--1896d ago

well, Xabi Alonso gave the referee two clear chances to show him the 2nd yellow. It was kind of a miracle he wasnt sent off

crazyturkey1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Great game. Now Real finally plays with more style against Barca. This makes for a more enjoyable game for each others supporters and neutrals alike.

Nes_Daze1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

No Pique, no Puyol, no Dani Alves, no defense, so a pretty good draw for Barca. Beautiful goal by Messi, and Montoya almost became the hero of the night with that last shot, too bad it hit the crossbar. Overall, I think Barca didn't play up to their standards, and honestly Madrid looked much better than them in the first half.

I have no idea why Fabregas was subbed by Sanchez though.

realiks1897d ago

Fair summary ;)
I am happy with the draw. We could've lost at the end. (Montoya and Pedro chances)

GanjaMan1897d ago

u got lucky, benzema should of put that chance away where he hit the bar and the messi goal was just wank defending by madrid but good game, ]]well played.

Nes_Daze1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

As realiks said, Barca had their chances too, I think both teams got lucky, and both strikers, Ronaldo and Messi, showed today why they're the best football players in the world, no question. Oh and Ozil was a constant threat, he assisted Ronaldo's second goal.

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