We are not theatre players, says Barcelona's Montoya

The Spanish full-back was delighted to feature in El Clasico and warns the season is a long way from over despite Real Madrid lagging behind their rivals at this stage

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karim1658d ago

He's deluding himself.

sdtarm1658d ago

then pepe should probably teach them how to do theatrics correctly because from what ive seen he is amazing at it

Corepred41656d ago

He learned it from Barca players, first. Can't beat them... join them! haha Even though I love Villa I still think he won the award with his, 'ahhh my leg is brokennnn!!! what! you want some!! let's go!!'

Nes_Daze1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I hate it when Busquets dives,piss me off. Messi is over there getting trampled, Puyols gets injured every time running like a dog around the field, and then he falls as if his tibia got snapped. Not to put Villa as an example, but eventually after so much diving, either nobody believes you or something DOES break.