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The war between Pepe and Iniesta continues

Real Madrid defender, Pepe, with his statement has offended Barcelona´s midfielder, Andres Iniesta, calling all the Barça players theatrical.

Remember, the latest match between Barcelona and Real Madrid ended with a draw (2:2). As always, this El Clasico as well has not passed without complaint at some referee´s call, and Pepe has gone a step further and called the players of Barcelona "theatrical".

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Nes_Daze2049d ago

Pepe is an idiot, completely unprofessional, a man that stomps on another player's hand while he is on the ground, pshh... players calling out other teams need to grow up.

Corepred42049d ago

Dude don't be biased. Both team need to grow up. With their class and skill dives and all this other crap need to stop. Pepe has become more theatrical about a year and a half if i remember right. He's just too aggressive for his own good.

Nes_Daze2049d ago

Wasn't trying to be biased, I hate it when Busquets dives, I hate it when any player dives, but I just can't stand Pepe, lol, he's feeding that misconception that all Barca players dive. But I agree that it needs to stop.

abzdine2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

you shouldnt talk just look at your avatar..

I think he's completly right, we saw Fabregas last week, Busquets crying all the time and gets up like a horse to go back to play like nothing happened, Daniel Alves last year who went out on a stretcher and a minute after Pepe got the red he came back on the field running. You dont trust me ? i have proves for you..

--Onilink--2049d ago

honestly his avatar doesnt say anything... many people could complain that some players are theatrical, but Pepe is not one of them....

Someone as unprofessional as him should think twice before saying things about other players, because for every dive that iniesta might have made, im sure he has hit at least twice as many times other players with no intention of going for the ball

Nes_Daze2049d ago

Nice vids, I'm glad we can all go on youtube and find dirt on any team these days... lol

Kos-Mos2049d ago

What are you on? barcelona is a team full of monkeys that needs to be reschooled.

This video should keep you silent a few years:

Nes_Daze2049d ago

And then I'm biased... lol Madrid fans..want me to find a video of your team acting like animals, or a video of Ronaldo crying? Diving? Pepe stomping somebody? take your pick...

Kos-Mos2048d ago

I'm no real fan. I just don't like adults who haven't expanded their minds since they were 13.

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Zefros2049d ago

But he wasn't lying... some barca players are theatrical. this one is my favorite!

sdtarm2049d ago

yah thats because pepe is not teaching us how to dive

Zefros2048d ago

pepe do dive, but barca players ARE EXTREME when it comes to acting.

sdtarm2048d ago

yah because pepe wasnt EXTREME acting here, and its not the only one die he's done and not the only person that dives, you can easily find dives from di maria, higuain, ronaldo, ozil and so many more

sdtarm2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

yah because pepe wasnt EXTREME acting here, and its not the only one dive he's done and not the only person that dives, you can easily find dives from di maria, higuain, ronaldo, ozil and so many more

abzdine2049d ago

i get angry when i see this !! I hate barcelona to the extreme limit they are nothing but a bunch of idiots.

Theo11302049d ago

We all know barcelona players are divers, and divers are barcelona players, I don't see what the problem is.

2pacalypsenow2049d ago

you say it like only barca does this lol

dennett3162049d ago

Both teams are fantastic, but last season they really shamed themselves a number of times when they played. Diving constantly from both sides, feigning injury, waving imaginary cards, surrounding the ref.

This last game was much improved on that score. The only thing that'll stop diving is for video evidence to be studied and players retroactively banned for cheating to win penalties or get others booked....instant 1 game ban, if they do it again, 2 games. That'll stop it in a heart beat.

pompombrum2049d ago

Lol at some of the disagrees here, didn't realize there was so many Madrid fans here. Tbh, if someone like Kaka came out with such claims, it would be so much more legit but Pepe? That guy is no better and it's almost cringe worthy seeing him pretend to be injured. Also, theatrical? Every classico I've seen, I see the odd Barce diver but for the most part, they are composed and get on with it.. Real Madrid jump up and down and get in a huff over ever single foul called against them. I won't disagree that players like Busquets and Sanchez can be bad, but Real Madrid are more like the drama queens here.