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Mourinho: Falcao is a forbidden fruit

The Blancos boss has revealed that he will not try to buy his rival's star player because of a transfer agreement, while criticising Tito Vilanova's comments regarding Pepe

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karim2049d ago

Must admit, that's a pretty weird headline..I wonder why Atletico and Real made that agreement in the first place

crazyturkey2049d ago

Do you think Real Madrid can beat Chelsea to his signature, Even though he has said that he wants to move to Chelsea before?

karim2049d ago

I think he loves and respect Atletico and their fans too much to join their rivals. Chelsea are the only team left who can afford him, City don't need him

Straightupbeastly2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

PSG, Inter and Juventus can all afford him. If Juventus approaches him seriously like they did RVP they may get a leg up because its in Italy.

chukamachine2049d ago

Anyone can be a great manager with enough money.

Nothing special at all.

Dark112049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Porto , inter .

why real madrid previous managers could not beat barca and win the title?

Kopite_20202049d ago

Look at Mark Hughes and AVB, loads of spending power but very dodgy performances.