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Vilanova: La Liga is not just about Barcelona and Real Madrid


Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova says that his side and Real Madrid may not win the league this time round and said that Atletico Madrid must be taken seriously this season.

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no_more_heroes2043d ago

"La Liga is not just about Barcelona and Real Madrid...this season...maybe"


PaPa-Slam2042d ago

It is, it's always been, Sadly.

kulka2042d ago

Even if Atletico was to win the league this year Barca and Real would make sure they won't win it next year by buying all their players. Barca and Real are on a diffrent planet in terms of finance.

krazykombatant2041d ago

Mou has said that Real and Atletico have agreements on not buying the players. If anything, its always the premier teams that buy the players off La Liga. With the usual feeder clubs. *COUGH*Arsenal*COUGH* giving players away.

karim2042d ago

"Atletico Madrid must be taken seriously this season" Erm, didn't they take Atleico seriously in the past seasons?

Straightupbeastly2041d ago

Who is this guy trying to fool?