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Highlights: Deportivo La Coruña 4-5 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 20/10/12)

0-1 | J. Alba | 3'
0-2 | C. Tello | 8'
0-3 | L. Messi | 18'
1-3 | Pizzi | 26'(pen)
2-3 | A.Bergantiños | 37'
2-4 | L. Messi | 43'
3-4 | Pizzi | 47'
3-5 | L. Messi | 77'
4-5 | J. Alba | 79'(og)

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no_more_heroes2073d ago

Judging from the scoreline, this must have been one boring match... ;)

karim2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Barcelona didn't deserve to win at all, Messi's 3rd goal was world class (Jordi Alba's own goal too)

sdtarm2073d ago ShowReplies(3)
Nes_Daze2073d ago

Barcelona was ahead the entire time, Deportivo never came close, saying they didn't deserve a win is ridiculous. Barca has been fighting with basically no defense, and getting the results they need., this is another game that is proof of that. Yes, they have been getting rather lucky, but that is accompanied by one hell of a fighting spirit.

Nes_Daze2073d ago

Damn! What a game by messi! The way he just accurately places that ball in the net is amazing! I'm glad tello got his goal, and what the hell was Valdes doing!? Not only are we lacking a defense, but now the goalkeeper is off his game. -_-

Corepred42073d ago

I'm liking Tello, expect to see more of him in the future. Are people still arguing that Valdes is on par or better than Casillas?!? Lol. Teams have to be afraid of Messi and just over think and mess themselves up. 2 of Messi's goals I was like... what?! I could have stopped that! lol

Nes_Daze2072d ago

You're talking about the one he places at the top right corner, or the one he places in the lower left corner, or the one he places at the lower right corner towards the end? LMAO

Corepred42072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I coulda stopped them all! =P

And top right corner? lmao you mean right over the pathetic goalies head? And that last one, which was in the corner, still should have been covered. I don't know.. just the way I feel. (Former keeper)

sdtarm2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

LMFAO former keeper my ass ROFL sureee

yah we could have all stopped that buddy, they were all pretty easy and soft shots right? no big deal professional keepers just suck, oh wait they remind to a uncountable number of goals messi has scored on casillas, yup a lot of them are switched shots really easy and soft to the opposite corner, it must be that you are better than casillas man! go tell mourinho, if you are Portuguese even better you'll bench that useless spaniard right away ;)

Corepred42072d ago

Lol take it easy. I'm glad I'm able to take your bubbles every chance I get. So hostile. Lol

Why are you so butthurt? Always bringing up Madrid and their players. Yes, I'm a Madrid fan but I was talking about myself in this one. You're pretty annoying at that, going on my ignore list either way.

Kos-Mos2072d ago

My lord you have a childish language tarm. How old are you? Just out of curiosity.

2pacalypsenow2072d ago

amazing game messi was amazing