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krazykombatant2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Real Madrid v City= Strike 1

City v Ajax = Strike 2

This game = YOU'RE OUT!!! hahaha what a joke, city can't compete in europe, experience is not the excuse, this team can barely gel together. Mancini needs to do some serious shaking up to try and even have the faintest chance of coming back.

EDIT: sorry to my fellow EURO friends, baseball fever is on me from what little i can follow here in the UK, #RALLYZITO

crazyturkey2034d ago

Man. City will need a miracle to get that second Spot. 9 points to play for, but monster teams to play against.

krazykombatant2034d ago

Yeah its looking to be crazy, I'm not making excuses for them but seems to me most the top league teams are finally leveling out. Which should make the rest of the champions more interesting as it goes.

GanjaMan2034d ago

hhahhaha city are fucked!!

crazyturkey2034d ago

1 victory(and a sweaty one at that) out of 4 is not good for the EPL.

no_more_heroes2034d ago

It's as I thought, dude. Hardly any team outside of the really small teams are afraid of the Prem teams anymore. We've lost our fear factor.

hkgamer2034d ago

Back when Liverpool was in the champions league, was when Premier league teams were the ones to beat.
Actually the year Liverpool won the campions league was the most amazing CL season. Would be boring for mutual viewers, but Liverpool were the underdogs and beat alot of big teams to win the trophy. Liverpool were resilient and never gave up which made games very exciting, however I maybe a little biased since I am a Liverpool fan.

buddymagoo2034d ago

Loving the MUFC banner at the Amsterdam arena tonight

Nes_Daze2034d ago

Why so much hate for City? Honestly, this team's inexperience oozes out during their CL games, although they have been playing weak in EPL too. After all, it's a tough group, they lost 3-2 to a team that will most likely be in semis, and tied to Dortmund, which beat Madrid today. It's rather disappointing that after that, they go ahead and lose 3-1 to Ajax. -_-

Ben Dover2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Dissapointing? They had absolutely NOTHING to counter Ajax with. Look at the statistics and realise how shit City actually can be. You can have all the money in the world to buy 11 players to form a mentally handicapped squad but that doesn't make it an actual TEAM to fight for each other.

BULLSHIT about the tough group. Yea it is, but with all the money they invest they shouldn't even struggle against teams like Ajax and Dortmund. Bugger off with those excuses and realise City isn't even ready for Europe yet.

City lost
Arsenal lost
Chelsea lost
Manchester barely won

The PL is losing ground and it's happening fast!

Nes_Daze2034d ago

Just because you invest money one year doesn't mean you can expect to crush teams in your own league and especially in the Champions. Time and time again it has been shown that it takes experience to win a champions league title, even more so than just world class players.

krazykombatant2034d ago

You're joking yes? Plenty of that squad has played on the CL prior to this, they're all veterans and should know whats expected of them, especially since they're the PL champs, that should mean for something more than just bragging rights. Big dead if dortmund tied them we still trashed them at home. They need to win all of the next matches and I don't see them beating Real Madrid at the etihad home, a tie at best.

Nes_Daze2034d ago

You trashed them at home? It was 3-2...I still don't think they have experience as a team, no matter what certain players in their squad have done.

b163o12034d ago

Playing weak in the EPL? Where tied for 2nd, with ManU. We suck in the CL, yeah it's that simple. I seriously doubt we'll make it out of the knockout stages, so we should focus on the EPL. We'll be back, just hope we don't draw the death group for a third year in a row.

Ben Dover2034d ago

Well deserved victory for Ajax! They outplayed and dominated City the ENTIRE match, honestly City was playing like a group of mentally handicapped morons (which they seem to are ROFL) Game over for Mancini and City in Europe.

City till I die? Might as well die now because your illusional "quality" ended tonight!

b163o12034d ago

LOL, I represent CITY, till I die, and yeah we're not doing as we'll as we would have hoped, but its just our 2nd year in the CL people assumed that cause we spend hard we're suppose to dominate? It's a learning process. We've learned some tough lessons, that I hope we can grow from. Making out of the knockout stages was the main goal for this tournament, we didn't make it. Time to focus to the EPL. We'll be back....


Ben Dover2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Look at the players and their experience. Stop whining with that bullshit excuse about a learning process, because the quality in that team should make them one of the top squads of Europe. It is practically inexcusable and I hope to god Mancini gets sacked because City is on their way to become the laughing stock of Europe.

And no you won't be back. If you can't even make it through the knockout stages of the CL 2 years in a row with this squad and the amount of money invested, you might as well focus on the Europa League because that's all you gonna get. Stop being delusional..

b163o12034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

LMAO, we're not going back LMAO. We'll make a top 4 in the EPL easily. We're destined to shine, it's just not happening on this stage. Only thing we can do is play out the rest of the tournament, and re-up for next season. It's not your squad so why are you getting upset lol. Mancini will return, with a little more pressure on his shoulders, but he'll return. LMAO "Won't be back". Now that is some funny sh*t

S/N what team do you represent?

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