Chelsea lodge complaint over alleged Clattenburg comments

Chelsea have lodged an official complaint to the Premier League over alleged comments from referee Mark Clattenburg during their 3-2 defeat to Manchester United on Sunday.

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karim1612d ago

Telegraph reports he used RACIST language towards two Chelsea players (Pretty sure one of them is Mikel)..How can someone be impartial if he ABUSES players from a particular team..

buddymagoo1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I'm struggling to find the telegraph report have you got a link. They seem to have changed their article and were probably looking for hits.

If it is just swearing then it is very petty from Chelsea as Refs have to take some awful abuse at times from players.

karim1611d ago

It's not an article, it was from their twitter account..

vulcanproject1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Personally don't believe it for a second and think this is Chelsea looking for some way to hurt Clattenburg.

How much do you want to bet the only people that heard it were Chelsea players? No Manchester United ones?

Obi Mikel gave absolutely NO reaction to allegedly having racial abuse directed at him, neither did anyone else the ref spoke to. You would expect at least a look of shock or surprise but there was none.

Conveniently the only time this was apparently remembered was after the game...

Oh the irony of ALL clubs to make such a claim against a referee, it happens to be the one with John Terry STILL as their captain.

Thefreeman0121612d ago

go calm down, quit fuming after the loss

karim1611d ago

Erm, I am calm, you're just trolling.

AfricanGamer9ja1612d ago

I see this is not going to die down in a while, ManU the most hated club in England.This is going to be a soap opera drama in the coming weeks. GGMU.

buddymagoo1612d ago


"ManU the most hated club in England"

Being the most supported club in England and the world comes with its haters.

hkgamer1612d ago

I think there is no point of Chelsea complaining or taking it further because nothing will happen. The FA(Fergie Association) will just deny it.

Abromovich should just use his money and do what Fergie is doing. Buy all the referees, so much cheaper than spending millions on footballers.

silvacrest1612d ago

apparently he should be wearing a mic which means if he did say anything nothing can be denied

silvacrest1612d ago

if this is true Clattenburg is done for, with an apparent shady past this will be the nail in the coffin

p_bateman1611d ago

This idiot shouldn't be a referee he's been sacked once already.

Clattenburg is a joke we need better refs.