Wilshere and Cleverley give England hope


Now that Jack Wilshere has returned to action, could he and Tom Cleverley fix England's broken midfield?

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jak3y13oy1637d ago

I was talking about the Future England XI earlier with my mates.. we all agreed that Wilshere and Cleverly will be a great partnership in the midfield coincidentally :D

This was our line up!

Richards Smalling Jagielka Baines/Johnson
Cleverly Livermore Wilshere
Chamberlain Welbeck Sterling

What guys did you think of that line up!?


crazyturkey1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The only two I'm still not sure of are Livermore and Welbeck. Livermore I haven't seen much of him to judge. Welbeck is still not reliable as the main striker.

vulcanproject1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I think Phil Jones will end up in there ahead of Jagielka. Jagielka is a fine player but he is 30. Phil Jones is 10 years his junior and sooner rather than later will surpass him IMO.

Give it 4 years max, and Smalling/Jones will not only be England's central defensive partnership, they'll be Manchester United's too. Rooney will also still only be 31 by that time.

I also don't particularly rate Rodwell very much but he is more likely to end up being the holding midfielder England would need if Cleverley and Wilshere were to play together.

no_more_heroes1636d ago

Let's hope Wilshere-Cleverly doesn't end up being a repeat of Lampard-Gerrard.

boxer19851636d ago

plz dont put cleverly in the same sentance as wilshere.