Cesc Fabregas girlfriend Daniella Semaan cheated on me, says ex-husband Elie Taktouk

Cesc Fabregas’ girlfriend Daniella Semaan began her affair with the Barcelona footballer when she was still a wife, according to millionaire businessman Elie Taktouk. 38-year-olds Elie and Daniella got married in their native Lebanon back in 1998 and later had two kids.

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Corepred41752d ago

who the hell cares. You're a millionaire, cry me a river!

Ike201752d ago

Well, let's put aside his personality, views, character, etc... He's got a point. Love and commitment has nothing to do with money.

krazykombatant1751d ago

Its called taking HALF!!

sorry for the poor quality.

buddymagoo1751d ago


You'd think he'd do better and get some nice young girlfriend. What is it with these footballers and old birds.

Ike201751d ago

haha buddymagoo! Old birds??

buddymagoo1751d ago

Yeah, a bird in English slang is a women.

Theo11301751d ago

That's why she's only a girlfriend not a wife, ahahahahahh.

KingPin1751d ago

you cant make a ho a housewife

kim kardashian proved that theory.

chukamachine1751d ago

And that ass is disgusting.

Dee_911751d ago

ya give me a good old fashioned pancake booty :)

Ike201751d ago

Myeah, but what about her kids?? She's still a mum, remember...

XboxInnovation1751d ago

In a way you gotta feel bad for famous people. They're almost certain to never find true love. Being famous and having money ain't all that once you've adapted to it.

Tzuno1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Yeah to much money and the love never goes along well. You will always be a cash machine for some people :)

karim1751d ago

The question is, who cares about those two? I personally don't give a flying bollock to who cheated on who..

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