Rooney issued penalty warning by Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson

Goal: The England striker missed a penalty against Arsenal last week, and scuffed another into the top corner against Braga, with his boss stating that he has to get better.

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PaPa-Slam1689d ago

Don't warn a fella after 1 bad match. this will only put more pressure on him.

karim1689d ago

match? He's talking about his awful penalties.

Gamer19821688d ago

Yep hes missed a few lately

FootballZilla1688d ago

didnt he score one against Braga..

pompombrum1688d ago

His penalty record is woeful, I'm surprised they even let him take the Penalty against Braga last week.

PaPa-Slam1688d ago

Well, i hope it gets better.

badz1491688d ago

they got a lot and missed a lot too! and Rooney is not the only one!

PS4OUR1688d ago

I still have no idea why Roben Van Persie is not taking penalties. He has to be the most reliable man alongside Giggs to slot home penalties. Yet at United the penalty takers are random every week. Surely you should give the kick to the best man on the pitch and i knew when Rooney stepped up that he would miss it. He has not been confident in his spot kicks since last season.
Next spot kicks has to be taken by Van Persie. This will give Rooney the motivation to improve his game in this area.

and i can't believe that football professionals get penalised for foul throw-ins. Im looking at you Valencia. Earning thousands of pounds a week and can't even properly execute a throw-in.