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Chelsea Winger Marko Marin Set to Leave Club and Re-Sign for Borussia Monchengladbach

Chelsea winger Marko Marin could be set for a return to former club Borussia Monchengladbach in January.

Marin joined the Blues in a £7million move from Werder Bremenin the summer but has yet to see Premier League action this season.

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karim2052d ago

This is just ridiculous. Transfer rumours this soon?

Gamer19822051d ago

They happen all year round.

oli2051d ago

Why would you sign players and barely use them? All Chelsea needs is a great center forward, a Chicharito pretty much.

karim2050d ago

We need a natural goalscorer..Cavani or Falcaoesuque type of player

oli2050d ago

I wouldn't risk big transfers like that after Torres. I'm pretty sure Chelsea could find a quality striker for cheap if they just look for him. I watch the Mexican league and one of the big strikers is Oribe Peralta, he played really well in the olympics and has done great for the Mexican National Team.

Angerfist2050d ago

LOL in Germany noone believed that Chelsea would buy Marin who is just an average Player anyway, even his Teammates couldnt believe it, especially at the Time Chelsea bougt him he was injured and even before didnt play much. Now he is probably crawling back to Germany.