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Wenger insists Arsenal are still in title race

The Gunners boss is not giving up hope of a tilt for the top of the Premier League despite sitting 11 points being Manchester United following Saturday's draw with Fulham.

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no_more_heroes1929d ago

Wow. I admire your optimism, Arsene.

ProjectVulcan1927d ago

He says this every year and bangs the same drum to try and keep the mass of disgruntled Arsenal supporters happy but it doesn't work nearly as well as it used too because Arsenal are blatantly not in the same class as the Manchester sides and Chelsea.

The ease at which United outplayed them the other week was shocking because they seem to lack real grit

karim1928d ago

Remember Ancelotti's Chelsea late season resurgence? Anything is possible.

Dungus1927d ago

You're right, anything can happen and Arsenal could somehow end up challenging, but it's very, very unlikely. And it shouldn't be! They should be up there every year.

krazykombatant1928d ago

Arsenal will never go anywhere whilst this man is in charge. He isn't running a football club but a business, in this case a profitable feeder club, he get them young and sales them whilst making sure he stays well above the bottom line.

AfricanGamer9ja1928d ago

Lmao,this should he should go down as the most sarcastic manager in EPL history.

Dungus1927d ago

They're not. And won't be again until they move into a new era of management and playing/signing philosophy. To think tickets to their match this weekend against Tottenham are upwards of 100 quid. It's embarrassing and insulting to fans. Soulless, sterile football for the middle classes.