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Michael Owen and Jason Roberts get burned by Alan Hansen on live TV

Stoke striker Michael Owen and Reading's Jason Roberts had to run to the BBC canteen to fetch ice and bandages straight after Sunday night's MOTD2 recording, as pundit Alan Hansen burned them both so hard.

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karim1897d ago

Ouch! At least they were professional about it!

buddymagoo1897d ago

He's just bitter that Liverpool are doing so poorly.

karim1897d ago

He's annoying as hell at times. You can see his agony when he's forced to praise Chelsea and United. I remember once Torres played an amazing game, called him the worst on the pitch afterwards...

GribbleGrunger1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Naaa... it's called tongue in cheek. It's a British thing. It goes hand in hand with humility to create camaraderie

PaPa-Slam1896d ago

If that isn't a third degree BURN than i don't know what is.

Neurotoxin1895d ago

Him and Andy Gray should go down as the most annoying C**TS in football punditry

cozeh1895d ago

Football punditry? More like fuckwitry.

The guy was a talentless player and calling him a pundit is giving him way too much credit.

The guy is the textbook definition of a waste of oxygen.

dazstar841893d ago

"The guy was a talentless player..."

Sorry, but you don't become a major player with one the best sides in Europe at that time, go on to win 7 league trophies, 3 European Cups (infact, 24 different honours with Liverpool) and eventually captaining the side which was probably Liverpools best ever, not to mention playing for his country, yet be a 'talentless player'.

Given i've had the opportunity to meet him too, at a North Wests sports awards, i can also say he ain't that bad in person. Can't please everyone i suppose....