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Lionel Messi Shocks Barcelona With €15 Million-A-Year Contract Demand


Reports are out claiming that Lionel Messi has shocked Barcelona chiefs over his new contract demands.

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buddymagoo2018d ago

He probably makes Barca triple that so no shock here really.

KingPin2016d ago

and the barca fans were going on for themselves when ronaldo wanted a better contract saying he only there for the money and messi played for the love of the game.

small wonder why that article had 20+ comments, this one has 2. they all in hiding.

<awaits stealth disagrees>

karim2016d ago

This article has been on the front page for like mins, just wait and see.

shadowraiden2016d ago

lol messi plays for the love of game. wait is this the same messi who even before these contract demands is the highest paid footballer in the world.

nix2016d ago

i gave you a Disagree. Just like that! q:

Nes_Daze2016d ago

And look at here, Messi haters grabbing on to this to bash him, same crap here. Nothing wrong with Ronaldo or Messi wanting a bigger paycheck, judging by the quality they put out on the field.

Nes_Daze2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Never said you were bashing Messi, now did I? And I'm the one in full defense? Lol. I've never held Messi up to a pedestal, so try to actually read what I write sometimes instead of simply assuming I'm a crazy Barca fan, just because I don't bash Barca.

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karim2016d ago

Probably just a rumor but I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's true..Messi is pretty much the same as Cristiano in terms of character and greed (only difference he hides it better)

Nes_Daze2016d ago

And you would know...based on what? What you've seen on the pitch or what you've heard of the media? In terms of character, you don't know these players.

Corepred42016d ago

Cause he's human. And he's a man. Quit being blind, money makes the world go round.

KingPin2016d ago

nes_daze out in full defense.

my comment above, if you read it without being a fanboy, wasnt bashing messi, its bashing the barca fans <which you happen to be> for holding messi so high up like he can do no wrong and needs no reason for doing what he does.

when ronaldo asked for a higher paying contract it was because he's greedy, when messi wants a fatter contract its coz he plays well on field.

your name sure suits you. you definitely in a daze. wake up already.

And FYI, i know messi is legendary, so is ronaldo. its just hard for you to accept that someone could actually appreciate both players and be fair.

karim2016d ago

Cristiano is the epitome of greed and evil by fanboys while Messi is an angel sent by god who can do no wrong and isn't capable of doing anything bad. Everyone loves money, that's a fact. Messi is the most expensive player in the world so it shouldn't come as a surprise if he felt he should earn more, way way more than others. I don't hate Messi, neither do I hate Cristiano. They are both outstanding players but I really do think they are more similar than what people think.

ninjagoat2016d ago

This dosen't fall directly on the footballer in most cases but on the Agents hired.

But i reserve special circumstances for Ronaldo. "I do apoligise." He is an especaily greedy shite :D.

b163o12016d ago

He's deserves it. Seeing himself ranked 9th in the world for pay probably prompted his decision, that and the fact he's a father now. He's made his money, now he's just taking care of his little one

shadowraiden2016d ago

lol ranked 9th where did u get that nonsense from he was already the highest paid player in the world a season ago and still wants more so whos the greedy person now.

Corepred42016d ago

He's telling the truth. You should really check your facts before you make yourself look stupid. If I remember correctly there are a few nobody's that make more than messi and cr7. I think eto'o was number 1 and ibrahimovic is up there too.

XboxInnovation2016d ago

Its not Messi demanding that its his agent because agents make a percentage. The more they get the player the more they get paid. Getting Messi an extra 5 million a year will put an extra 1 mill in that guys pocket.